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Area Opener: _____________________ Date: __________________
Donor Desk Pre-Opening Tasks Initials
Stock all four bathrooms with paper towels and toilet paper (1 roll on the holder; 1 extra roll). Check to make sure the dispensers work. (They may need batteries replaced.)
Fill all four bathroom soap dispensers with 1/2 Dr. Bronner's soap & 1/2 water. The bathroom soap dispensers should be at least 3/4 full - if not all the way full.
Check the paper towel dispensers in both kitchens and replace paper towel roll or batteries if necessary.
Fill kitchen's dish soap dispenser (not the dishwasher) with dish soap. Do the same for the small kitchen's soap dispenser. Please keep the kitchen soap dispensers no less than 3/4 full.
Turn on both computers and log in; turn on printer and fill with paper if necessary.
Acquire and count cash drawer. Be sure to initial your count.
Check your email for "frontdesk@" messages. Please respond to the list when you have addressed the issue or request.

Turn this checklist over so the rest of the team can work on the afternoon tasks that need to be done.

Donor Desk Closing Tasks Initials
Recycle notes.
Put pens, pencils, scissors, etc., back where they belong.
Take cups, dishes and silverware to the kitchen
Turn off both computers.
Close the till after 6 pm; follow the instructions on our wiki: Opening and closing out the till
Give till to closer to put in the safe. If closer is not available, write name of staff person that took till here: __________________.
Area Closer: ______________________
Donor Desk Afternoon Tasks Initials
Print Contribution Slips for Receiving - we need no less than 100 printed per day (that's only 50 copies because each page has 2 slips on it)
Enter disbursements (2nd drawer in the file called "Data Entry") - initial and date your entry. Please remember to enter the System ID number, and place entered disbursements in the file called "Completed Disb."
Check your email for "frontesk@" messages; please respond to the list when you have addressed the issue.
Check bathrooms: make sure each bathroom has sufficient toilet paper, paper towels, & soap.
Check filing cabinet: print "Other Recyclers" as needed.
Check filing cabinet: print IOU reimbursement forms and mileage reimbursement forms as needed.
Clean and tidy desk and lobby.
Check the "When Things Are Slow" list and pitch in. These are things that need to be done on a weekly basis.
Check printer paper; refill if low and pull a new ream of paper from the back if needed.

Once you've completed the afternoon tasks, please turn this checklist over so the closer can check off their closing tasks.