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This is a work in progress, coming out of the Fifth Friday meeting on 10/30/09

General Statement on Committeds

Committed non-collective workers at Free Geek ("committeds") are expected to actively improve the organization to meet its changing needs, rather than simply maintaining it at the current level. Committeds are expected to take initiative and work pretty independently, but are responsible for effectively communicating what they do/change/oversee with other staff, generally through meetings and standard Free Geek documentation tools. This is especially pertinent if they are the primary overseer of an area or project. In exchange for this level of responsibility, Free Geek provides health care and a week of paid vacation to the committed worker. In general, committeds:

  • Work floor shifts
  • Have regular schedules
  • Have made a commitment of at least one year to work at Free Geek at an agreed-upon number of weekly hours
  • Direct volunteers in the areas they are working in
  • Attend meetings related to the areas they work in
  • Are hired by staff in a closed hiring after a previous history of working at Free Geek


General Good Worker Expectations

  • All committed workers are required to report all the hours that they work.
  • Puts the interests of Free Geek before personal interests while working.
  • Communicates effectively (i.e. specific communication with other staff/core concerning needs of his/her area, giving and receiving constructive criticism, communicating directly to solve conflict, offering a safe space to communicate if issues arise.)
  • A committed is expected to appropriately use the wiki, RT, and email for documentation purposes and general communication. A committed is also expected to have a solid grasp of basic computer knowledge, including web browsers, email, spreadsheets, and word processors.
  • Is able to work in an informal environment with a diverse staff while maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of adversity.
  • Is able to remain flexible as Free Geek grows and changes.
  • Is able to work well under stress in an unusual, somewhat chaotic setting while being courteous and friendly.
  • Is self-motivated and able to multi-task (i.e. can supervise, organize and maintain an area and work on other projects almost entirely without supervision) but not afraid to ask questions.
  • Is aware of safety on the job.
  • Must set goals, have a job description and be subject to regular reviews by the Staff Collective. *Caitlin's Note: Is it too early to add that committeds have the opportunity to review staff?
  • Treats co-workers and volunteers with courtesy and respect (i.e., arrive on time or call if going to be late, be efficient and make good use of time, use the phone, socialize and take breaks at appropriate times).

Volunteer Management / Coordination

  • Leaves volunteer-inhabited areas clean and ready for next shift.
  • Makes volunteers and donors feel welcome, actively reaches out.
  • Actively involves volunteers in appropriate projects.
  • Listens to volunteers/donors and tries to meet their needs.
  • Is patient and courteous with the public.
  • Is able to work with and coordinate volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience.


  • Actively participates in and is a reliable member of the committee(s) relevant to his/her job.
  • Accurately assesses her/his own abilities and constraints when taking on commitments.
  • Follows through with commitments.
  • Participates in a consensus decision making process related to staff and policy issues.

Other Thoughts?

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