Getting the Processor Information

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Checking the Cables and Connections

  • Is the power strip on?
  • Is the computer plugged into the power strip?
  • Is the power switch on the back of the power supply on?
  • Is the power supply plugged into the motherboard?
    • Some motherboards have a 4 pin connector (as well as the 20 or 24 pin connector). Make sure that this is also plugged in properly.
  • Is the power switch connected to the motherboard?

Alternative method for determining the processor information

This is your last resort option. Do not do this unless the instructions told you to.

  • Is the computer marked with the model number or speed?
    • Use this information. (You may need to google the model number.)
  • If (and only if) that does not work:
    1. Check with an instructor
    2. See if you can see the speed without removing anything
    3. Remove the heat sink/fan only if necessary
    4. You may need a magnifying glass. (See instructor.)

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