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Job Title
That Man Behind the Curtain
I was hired before there were any job descriptions so I do not have a formal job description.

My major areas of work

Prebuild Coordination
Develop and maintain process and documentation for Card and Motherboard Sorting, and System Evaluation. Teach volunteers working in those areas. Coordinate prebuild needs with build, advanced testing, alt build, receiving, front desk, and recycling. Train and wrangle volunteer interns in that area.
Bookkeeping and Budgeting
Pay bills, record income, reconcile accounts, count money. Develop and maintain process and documentation for till management. Coordinate with front desk and store regarding tills. Write checks for reimbursement. Gather monthly hours from staff and ensure paychecks are created and disbursed. Work with treasurer, board, staff, and council to develop budget.
Big Picture, Organizational Development
Think ahead of the organization and develop proposals for staff, board, and council. Build consensus around proposals for the direction Free Geek should take. Make sure people know how to implement their ideas.
Staff scheduling
Schedule staff for work shifts, recruit substitutes to fill in. Work with staff and co-scheduler Dave on making schedule fit needs of Free Geek better.
Technical infrastructure
General system administration. Help users gets accounts set up. Extract information from database. Work with technocrats and coders on database application development priorities.

Things I don't have time for

  • I'd like to spend some time doing actual coding, probably on the scheduling software, but never seem to have the time to actually do it.
  • While I still do some email moderation, I am now sharing this with Ian.

Other notes

B flat, C sharp.