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Area Opener: _________________ Date: _________________
Start of Day Tasks Initials
If you're the first one here, make coffee. Refill and turn on the hot water.
Turn on and log on to both computers, opening the appropriate tabs needed.
Print one copy of the daily staff schedule. Highlight various shifts- BETA & SDA (pink), recycling (green), receiving (yellow), & front desk (orange).

Reminder Calls Initials
Make reminder calls for tomorrow's CLASSES.
Make reminder calls for tomorrow's HARDWARE ID sessions.
Make reminder calls for tomorrow's SYSTEM EVALUATION sessions.

Things to Print - Check Cabinet First Initials
Volunteer Applications, Orientation Packets, and Group Volunteering forms as needed.
Community Service info sheets and Volunteering for School Credit info sheets as needed.
Adoption and Build info sheets as needed.
Info brochures (in English and Spanish) and monthly class schedule brochures (on colored paper) as needed.
Reminder Cards and Equipment Passes as needed.

Throughout the Day Initials
Review phone messages. Record cancellations, forward messages, and return calls.
Check your email for "frontdesk@..." messages. Please respond to the list when you have addressed the issue.
Make the afternoon batch of coffee as needed.
Were there any "no call/no shows" for Hardware ID? If so, please update their attendance type as a no call/no show and cancel any shifts in System Evaluation they may have scheduled.
Check coffee supplies. Send a message to http://todo/supplies when our supplies are low - do not wait until we are out. There is a lag time.

End Of Day Tasks Initials
Check tomorrow's class schedule; if there is no one signed up, call the instructor and let them know that we are canceling that class. Please close the empty class slots.
At 5:30 pm, use the telephone pager to announce that volunteers have 15 minutes to come log their hours and schedule their next shifts.
Sharpen the pencils and put pens, pencils, scissors, etc. back where they belong.
Take cups, plates, and food from front desk area to kitchen.
Rinse out the coffee pot, unplug the hot water, and wipe down the coffee area.
Fill the dishwasher
Turn off both computers.
Area Closer: ________________