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Setting Up Cricket A600 USB WiMax Device

Requires Ubuntu 9.04 to work

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These devices need to be activated on a Windows or MacOS machine before they will work on ubuntu. If the device needs to be activated after it gets to us, there is a machine with OS-X in mac land which we can use for activating. Just install the software package in OS-X, run the cricket program and when asked allow the machine to activate the device. The activation takes about 2 minutes, and may report (incorrectly) that it failed. Once the device is activated it should show the cricket wireless network inside of the program.

Once the device has been activated on another machine, connect it to the Ubuntu machine and run the fallowing in terminal:

wget http://freegeek.errtech.com/Cricket_Mode_Switch.tar.gz
tar xzvf Cricket_Mode_Switch.tar.gz
cd usb_modeswitch-0.9.7
sudo make install
chmod +x flipflop.sh
sudo ./flipflop.sh

The device will need to be activated with the flipflop script each time it is connected. To make things easier for the user you may wish to create a launcher on the desktop that runs this script (gksu ~/usb_modeswitch/flipflop.sh)

Once activated, the device will appear in network manager as "Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) conenction". When connected it will show up as a 'cell tower' icon.