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DVD Players


  • Make sure you have some DVD Player Testing Checklists printed off and ready to use
  • Plug in the LCD TV attached to the A/V Cart and power it on
  • Connect the DVD Player to the TV with a composite cable (yellow RCA) and set the TV to the corresponding Input

  • Power - Plug in the DVD Player and turn it on
  • DVD Playback - Insert one of the provided test DVDs and make sure the DVD Player loads the menu correctly and can play video with no skips or errors (you don't need to leave it playing for the moment)
  • Front Panel Buttons - Test each button on the front panel of the DVD Player, looking for missing, stuck, or unresponsive buttons
  • Remote:
    • check the included remote for working batteries, insert working ones from A/V Cart supply if needed
    • check that each button on the remote registers in some way
      • not all buttons will have a function during playback or at the menu, but each button press should at least register a note from the DVD Player's On Screen Display (e.g. "Action Not Allowed")


  • Check the corresponding box in the "Has" column of the DVD Player Testing Checklist for each Audio/Video output (e.g. Composite, S-Video, HDMI, etc.) actually present on the DVD Player.
  • If an output is present that is not included on the Testing Checklist, write it in on the line marked "Other".
  • Some DVD Players may have inputs as well to provide a pass-through for other A/V devices - we do not need to test these.
  • Test each Output:
    • Composite - Yellow RCA for Video, Red/White for Audio
    • S-Video - black, round connector with multiple pins
    • Component - aka YPbPr, Red/Green/Blue RCA for Video, Red/White for Audio
    • HDMI - flat metal connector, includes Video and Audio in single cable