Acceptable Use Policy

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While Free Geek works to encourage creativity and free speech within our walls and on our networks, we also understand that, in order to keep a communications system that's safe and comfortable to use, and therefore encourages community, we need guidelines concerning the acceptable use of our networks.

The following behaviors are not acceptable, and will warrant disciplinary measures:

  • People browsing porn sites (and/or printing them)
  • Flaming or threatening emails to staff, volunteers, or our lists
  • People using our computers to deface web sites (e.g. wikipedia)
  • Sending spam and/or threats to FG email accounts (that happen to be lists)
  • Illegal activities
  • Breaking into our network or others' networks with malicious intent


If a person has violated the above policy, we will take appropriate actions, including, but not limited to:

  • Perpetrators of illegal activities will be turned over to the appropriate officials
  • Our Volunteer Discipline Policy will be used as a guide
  • Email moderation will be used as needed, as will expulsion from email lists

If an offense isn't very serious or extreme, we will work to talk to the offender about the Acceptable Use Policy, what is and isn't allowed and why.

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