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Standing Action Committee
Note: As of 2011, the Action Committee has become the R & R Committee (Recycling and Receiving)
Mission: Building and equipment security, staff and volunteer safety, supply, waste removal, and the sale of scrap material.
Programs: Recycling, receiving, maintenance and design of the physical plant, building security, general safety, relationships with neighbors.
Email: action at
Members: Liane, Darryl, Cliff, John

As of 2011, Free Geek's structure changed to Departments. The Action committee has now become the R & R Committee as the representative committee for the Recycling and Receiving Department. At the time of this change, Action was meeting once a month. As of February 2012, the R & R members have decided they would like to meet twice a month for at least 30 minutes.

Free Geek has a procedural approach to all management functions, including development and oversight of safety policies. Free Geek's safety policies are focused on limiting exposure to toxic chemicals, documenting and educating Free Geek volunteers and staff about safety procedures, and responding to emergencies. The following describes responsibilities for facility safety procedures as they are implemented by the Action Committee.

Moreover, it is the Action Committee that is responsible for setting safety goals for our whole organization and for maintaining and improving health, environmental and safety standards, and meets bi-monthly to discuss the current EHSMS.

The Action Committee monitors safety conditions in the building regularly. The committee identifies and corrects problems and prevent recurrence. There are two processes that we use in identifying, documenting and remedying safety issues. The first, and most important, is our online problem ticketing system (RT), where staff and volunteers are encouraged to report safety issues. Second, we do a periodic facility walk-through which includes checking on safety of the building, and changing air filters as necessary. We report the results of these facility walk-through's so that additional improvements can be made as needed.


Budgeted Expenses

Updated end of Q3, 2009

All numbers are per month except where noted.


the facility section of the budget is meant to facilitate continues inprovement to the facility, Please make sure you are using it up
  • Equipment $66.67 (remember that tools are another item below)
  • Forklift $100/month
  • Improvements $500/quarter
  • Maintenance $500/quarter
  • Keys/locks/doors $50/month, except $500 in Jan. and July
  • Supplies (misc. maintenance?) $33.33
  • Truck $800 (per month estimate) (what is the trend?)
  • Truck insurance, oil changes, gas, DEQ, etc.. (waiting on insurance estimate)
  • Other (see nonrecurring expenses)

Receiving $50

Recycling (how does the Weirdness effect this....)

  • Monitors $120
  • LCD screens (incl. laptops)
  • Printers $400
  • Scanners $200
  • Keyboards $0
  • Batteries $150/qtr (down ward trend)
  • General disposal $16.67


  • Recycling Supplies (like shrink wrap) $45)
  • Safety $66.67
  • Towels $75
  • Tools $75 (this includes all tools used by volunteers)
  • First aid training $700 annually (taken in the first quarter) - shows up under HR in budget

Nonrecurring expenses


  • Lighting of Volunteer Desk area - $120 for 2 fixtures and 6 bulbs

Continuing (not sure if ongoing)

  • highway system (paint) -- probably ongoing (cheap!) - switched to using durable floor tape


  • Drafting Chairs $400 in Q4 2008

On Hold

  • painting the front area $1000 in Q4 - will probably have this done for less with volunteer labor

Recently Completed

  • Lighting of Donor Desk - $60 for fixture and 3 bulbs
  • Ramp outside roll-up in recycling 3,000 to 4,000 (Darryl has bids)

Related Items

(This is for notes that indicate expenses that affect your committee but are actually classified under a different committee.)

We currently have one grant request in progress for the amount of $25,000 for a vehicle program (Purchase of box truck). We will here back on the grant in mid February. The money for this grant is planed to last us one year (purchase vehicle, maintenance, gas, insurance). We will have to report back after one year how the program went, and how we spent the money.