Adding a Second Hard Drive

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Ubuntu Documentation

Also see the following documentation.


  • If you want to allow a normal user to create files on this drive, you can either give this user ownership of the top directory of the drive filesystem: (replace USERNAME with the username)
sudo chown -R USERNAME:USERNAME /media/mynewdrive
  • or in a more flexible way, practical if you have several users, allow for instance the users in the plugdev group (usually those who are meant to be able to mount removable disks, desktop users) to create files and sub-directories on the disk:
sudo chgrp plugdev /media/mynewdrive
sudo chmod g+w /media/mynewdrive
sudo chmod +t /media/mynewdrive

Formatting and Unformatted Drive

Obviously, do this first if the drive is not formatted

1) Turn machine on, connect to Network
2) Get gparted via add/remove or with apt-get
3) Open terminal, start gparted (type gparted)
4) In upper right corner of Gparted window use pull down to select second drive
5) In main window of Gparted select line that looks like this"
  • unallocated ..... unallocated XX.XX GB
  • right click on it and select, "New"
  • Create
6) select ext3 as format type
7) Hard drive will not be seen under "Places" until restart