After Hours Access Procedure

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This explains what all E and F Keyholders need to know about opening and closing the building, and the logistics of after hours access.

You must be:

  • trained in how to enable and disable the alarm system,
  • given an access code to the alarm system,
  • subscribed to the locks list.

(This should all be part of you having received a key. See Darryl or Richard.)

General exit and entry of the building

To avoid accidentally setting off the alarm, all people with access to the building should use the after hours access door (near the meeting room) between the hours of 6:15 pm (or the end of a Free Geek meeting if there is one) and 7:00 am, and any time on Sunday, Monday, or holidays.

Anybody in the building at closing time needs to sign in on the after hours access log. This is located on the clipboard near the alarm keypad. The closer may carry it around to make sure everyone remaining in the building is properly logged in.

If you are responsible for a meeting or event on a weekend, you will need to make sure that everyone in your party is out of the building before you leave. Attendees of your event don't need to sign in and sign out, but any keyholders present must sign in and sign out as mentioned above. If other keyholders are in the building when your event is over you should check in with them. If no other keyholders are present you will need to arm the alarm when you leave.

Any keyholder leaving the building after hours needs to sign out on the after hours access log. This is very important, since the last person out will probably assume you are still in the building and need to go look for you, wasting their time. But worse, they might (against procedure) assume that you are here and that they don't need to arm the alarm, leaving us unprotected.

First person in

If you are the first person in the building the alarm should already be enabled (or armed).

If the alarm is armed the keypad will begin to make a solid tone. You will have 30 seconds to punch in your access code to disable the alarm.

If you do not hear the tone, then the alarm is disabled. Thoroughly check the building to see if anyone else is here. If not, report the incident to the locks list. (Someone probably left the building without arming the alarm.)

Last person out

You must guarantee that you are the last person out. You cannot assume that someone else is elsewhere in the building. Unless you have seen them, you need to check all the rooms before leaving.

It may be helpful to use the paging system to announce your intent to arm the alarm system as a final step before exiting the building.

  • There is a phone in the meeting room.
  • Punch in [FEATURE] [6] [0] and then [1] at the first prompt and [1] at the second prompt.
  • Say something like I am about the leave the building and am arming the alarm. If you are still in the building make your presence known immediately and make your way to the door by the meeting room.

Once you have determined that you are indeed the last person out, you must arm the alarm system. The keypad will start beeping once it is armed. You will then have 60 seconds to leave the building before the alarm actually goes off.

If you arm the alarm and then realize that you forgot something and need to retrieve it, do not try to race the clock. Rather, disable the alarm, retrieve your item, and the re-arm the alarm.

What to do if ...

Whenever the alarm goes off you must report the incident to the locks list. However, you should take these immediate steps first. The steps depend on the situation:

I just entered the building, but my code doesn't work or I can't remember the code. Now the alarm is going off!
If you are an F key holder you have been given a pass phrase that will allow you to call the our alarm monitoring service (Central Electronic Alarm 503.257.9696) and cancel the alarm. You will need to give them your name, where you're calling from (Free Geek), and the pass phrase.
If you are an E key holder the police may be arriving shortly. Call Dave or Richard.
I was closing the building and the alarm went off!
The alarm will go off 60 seconds after arming the system. Always make sure that you arm the alarm immediately before leaving the building, and then leave the building quickly.
If you have exited the building is less than 60 seconds and the alarm still goes off shortly thereafter, then it is likely because you left someone behind in the building. Go back in the building, disarm the alarm, call the alarm monitoring service (Dave or Richard) to cancel the alarm, and find out who is in the building. Make certain that they are signed in and that they are an E or F key holder.
I was in the neighborhood and I heard the alarm go off!
This is likely an actual burglary attempt. Don't investigate. Remain nearby. Call a staff collective member if possible. Wait for the police.
My code doesn't do anything!
Maybe we programmed the system incorrectly. Double check that you are entering the actual access code we gave you. If the problem persists, call Dave or Richard.

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