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These are vintage Apple computers that sell for enough money to justify refurbishing them. If we get these in, always ask the store or online sales if they want them prior to building them

  • Macintosh Classic M0001 (ebay price $500)
  • Macintosh Classic Model:M1420 (ebay price $120)
  • Macintosh Classic Model:M5010 (ebay price $120)
  • Macintosh Classic Model:M0420 (ebay price $100)
  • Macintosh II VX Model:M1350 (ebay price $200)
  • Macintosh II ci Model:M5780 (ebay price $125)
  • Macintosh II si Model:M0360 (ebay price $125)
  • Macintosh Performa 475 Model:M1476 (ebay price $100)