As-Is Checklist

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The nature of As-Is laptops is that we spend very little time on them and they are sold very inexpensively to hobbyists and tinkerers. If you find yourself putting in lots of effort for an As-Is laptop, then it's probably time to just junk it. Ask your instructor if you have any questions.

REMOVE HARD DRIVE Check that the Hard Drive has been removed, otherwise remove it. Leave the caddy hardware, screws and adapter with the laptop if possible .
Check RAM Get a power supply and boot to BIOS. In general, As-Is laptops should not have more than 256 MB of RAM (though sometimes if an otherwise higher-end laptop ends up being As-Is we will include more RAM). Try to use smaller sticks of RAM if you can, e.g. 2 sticks of 128 MB if there are 2 slots, but don't go crazy swapping out the RAM.
Affix As-Is Sticker This sticker outlines the As-Is Policy and includes a place to write Processor Speed and Type, and amount of RAM.
Remove the Microsoft Sticker and Asset Tags Microsoft sticker can usually be found on the back of the laptop. Get rid of anything that identified the former owner, whether an individual or a business.
Include the power supply Otherwise, how will the customer turn the laptop on? Use a rubber band to keep the power supply and laptop together.
Give the laptop to your instructor He/she will take it to the Thrift Store.