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Bag Check Policy: What is a Bag Check, and where is it located? Who has to check there bags?
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Bag Check is defined as a location where bags should be secured in a reasonable manner. The Bag Check shall be located in a generally understood location. Volunteers and visitors are required to leave their bags at the bag check.

There shall be a list of people who are exempt from this policy. Visitors that are escorted by a staff person or tourist who are escorted by a tour guide are allowed to carry their bags.

Build teachers may be fast tracked onto the list of people who are exempt from this policy.


How it works

Bags are checked when a volunteer comes to the front desk to check in for their shift.

  1. volunteer hands the front desk personnel their bag.
  2. front desk personnel hands volunteer a fancy color and number coded clippy. There is a matching clippy that goes on the bag.
  3. volunteer comes to log their hours and collect their bag after a shift.
  4. they give the front desk personnel their colorful clippy in exchange for their safely guarded bag.

List of Sackville-Baggins:

This is the list of people who are exempt from this policy

  • Doug Neubauer
  • Howard
  • Blaine Deatherage-Newsom
  • Charlie McCarthy
  • Michael Limb
  • Dennis
  • Michael Kaufman
  • Ryan Niebur