Beancounting (simple version)

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Beancounting should be done in the escape hatch where the safe and bookkeeping supplies live.

You will need access to a computer, either a laptop or the desktop machine.

create a new income report for the day. It only needs to be printed if it differs from both of the provided reports.

For each dirty till:

Start a new till worksheet (you only need to print it if it differs from the one provided by the closers)

First, look for obvious problems (worksheet not signed, improper itemization, etc.)

Count all the money and checks, verifying that the amounts are the same as on the till worksheet provided by the closers

Make sure all special cash ins and outs are recorded and properly itemized.

enter the starting amount for the till, verifying against the end of shift form, also verifying that the form was initialed at the start of the day.

enter the till total from the income report, verifying that the amount entered by the closers is the same

mark all discrepancies on the closers till worksheet.

enter the amount of the credit cards from the summary report, verifying against the batch report from the following morning.

enter the credit amount from the database

make sure all cc ins and outs are recorded and properly itemized.

verify that any discrepancies (shorts or overs) are the same as on the worksheet provided by the closers

If your work differs from the closers, print out your till worksheet and add it to the stack, noting that it is corrections. Otherwise, mark the closers worksheet as verified.

Repeat for the other till