Beancounting (simple version)

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Beancounting should be done in the escape hatch

You will need a computer

Create a new till worksheet

As you go through the till you will need to verify:

  • all the money is counted correctly?
  • the checks can be deposited - stamped? correct year? digits and text match? signed?
  • the till was counted in the morning (end of shift form initialed) and the correct amount put on the till worksheet??
  • Till worksheet initialed?
  • Income report is current?
  • Correct numbers transferred from income report?
  • Calculated parts of the till worksheet match yours?
  • Credit card amounts match?
  • All non-db ins and outs are correctly entered? (especially IOU repayments)
  • If any numeric part of the till worksheet is wrong, then it is noted and you have printed your copy of the till worksheet (initialed)


Income report
Front Desk packet (stapled)
your corrected till worksheet (if necessary)
original till worksheet
end of shift form
staple small receipts and forms to this part
any reimbursement forms
Thrift Store packet (stapled)

(same things as front desk packet in same order)

If any of the numeric parts of the till worksheet are incorrect, note them and print out your copy and add it in the front o