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Bleeping Beeps!

The following is a list of BIOS beep codes listed by BIOS manufacturer and version number.

Example: 4 sounds like "beep beep beep beep"
1----------------------Memory Refresh Error
2----------------------Memory Parity Error
3----------------------Base 64KB Memory Error
4----------------------Timer Error
5----------------------Processor Error
6----------------------8042-Gate A20 Error
7----------------------Processor Exception Interrupt Error
8----------------------Display Memory Read/Write Error
9----------------------ROM Checksum Error
10---------------------CMOS Shutdown Register Read/Write Error
11---------------------Cache Memory Bad
1 Long then 3 Short----Conventional/Extended Memory Error
1 Long then 8 Short----Display/Retrace Error

AwardBIOS/Phoenix FirstBIOS
Example: 1 Long then 2 Short sounds like "beeeeeeeeeeeeeep beep beep"
1 Long then 2 Short----Video Card Error
1 Long then 3 Short----Video Card Error
Continuous Beeps-------Memory Error

PhoenixBIOS 5.x and Earlier
Example: 1-1-4 sounds like "beep (pause) beep (pause) beep beep beep beep"
1-2--------------------Video Card Error
1-3--------------------CMOS RAM Read/Write Error
1-1-4------------------ROM Checksum Error
1-2-1------------------Timer Error
1-2-2------------------DMA Initialization Error
1-2-3------------------DMA Page Register Read/Write Error
1-3-1------------------RAM Refresh Verification Error
1-3-3------------------First 64KB RAM Multibit Data Line Error
1-3-4------------------First 64KB RAM Odd/Even Logic Error
1-4-1------------------First 64KB RAM Address Line Error
1-4-2------------------First 64KB RAM Parity Error
2-x-x------------------First 64KB RAM Error
3-1-1------------------Slave DMA Registry Error
3-1-2------------------Master DMA Registry Error
3-1-3------------------Master Interrupt Mask Registration Error
3-1-4------------------Slave Interrupt Mask Registration Error
3-2-4------------------Keyboard Controller Error
3-3-4------------------Screen Initialization Error
3-4-1------------------Screen Retrace Error
3-4-2------------------Video ROM Error
4-2-1------------------Timer Interrupt Error
4-2-2------------------Shutdown Error
4-2-3------------------Gate A20 Error
4-2-4------------------Unexpected Interrupt In Protected Mode
4-3-1------------------RAM Address Error >FFFh
4-3-3------------------Interval Timer Channel 2 Error
4-3-4------------------Real Time Clock Error
4-4-1------------------Serial Port Error
4-4-2------------------Parallel Port Error
4-4-3------------------Math Coprocessor Error
Low 1-1-2--------------System Board Select Error
Low 1-1-3--------------Extended CMOS Ram Error

PhoenixBIOS 6.x and Later
Example: 1-3-1-1 sounds like "beep (pause) beep beep beep (pause) beep (pause) beep"
1-2-2-3----------------BIOS ROM Checksum Error
1-3-1-1----------------DRAM Refresh Error
1-3-1-3----------------8742 Keyboard Controller Error
1-3-4-1----------------Memory Address Line Error
1-3-4-3----------------Memory Low Byte Data Error
1-4-1-1----------------Memory High Byte Data Error
2-1-2-3----------------ROM Copyright Error
2-2-3-1----------------Unexpected Interrupts
1-2--------------------Video Card Error

Example: 1 Long then 2 Short sounds like "beeeeeeeeeeeeeep beep beep"
1 Short----------------Normal POST, System OK
2 Short----------------Post Error, view code on screen
No beep----------------Power Supply, Motherboard
Continuous Beep--------Power Supply, Motherboard
Repeating Short--------Power Supply, Motherboard
1 Long then 1 Short----Motherboard
1 Long then 2 Short----Video Card
1 Long then 3 Short----Video Card
3 Long-----------------3270 Keyboard Card

1 short----------------No Error
1 long, 1 short--------BIOS ROM checksum error
2 short----------------General error
1 long, 2 short--------Video error
7 beeps (l s l s - l s l)---AGP video
continuous beep--------Memory error
1 short, 2 long--------Bad RAM