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Factory Reset:

  • If there is no password:
  1. Press Menu, Settings, Scroll to Options, Press enter button
  2. Scroll to Security Options, Press enter
  3. Scroll to General Settings, Press enter
  4. Scroll to Password, Press Menu
  5. Scroll to Wipe Handheld, Press enter
  6. Scroll to Continue, Press enter
  7. Type "blackberry", Press enter

All Data will be erased & Phone will restart--do not turn it off during this process!

  • If there is a password:
  1. Entering the wrong password ten times will wipe the phone
    1. You will also have to enter "blackberry" several times to continue

Routing Wiped Blackberries

  1. Affix a "Tested By" sticker with your initials on the Blackberry, write "wiped" on it
  2. In AT&T and Sprint Blackberries there is a SIM card under the battery--*make sure to remove this!*
  3. Wiped Blackberries get sent to Online Sales