Bluetooth headset testing

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Bluetooth Testing

Ragnabomb 19:13, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

Bluetooth devices take very little to test but often require research to find the particulars on each device. Note that if it ever asks you for a 'code' or 'pin' try '0000' or '1234', these are both default pins for bluetooth devices.
Check For Damage Visually inspect headset for broken or missing parts, make sure that the ear-piece is not disgusting.
Charge the Device
  • Find the correct charger for all of the devices you want to test. Match by connector type only. Ignore voltage and amperage.
  • Try to charge as many devices as you can at a time.
  • Once a device is charging it should have an indicator light showing that it is indeed charging, if the light does not come on try another charger, if in doubt ask your instructor.
Pair the Device
  • Make sure that the bluetooth USB dongle is plugged into your testing computer.
  • Find out how to pair the device -
    • Try googling 'how to pair make model #'.
    • Find a web page that provides adequate and understandable instructions and follow them to put the device in pairing mode.
  • Once the device is in pairing mode open bluetooth preferences (System>Preferences>Bluetooth or Left click on bluetooth icon and select preferences).
  • Select 'Set up new device'
  • At 'Introduction', click 'Forward'
  • At 'Device Search>Device type', select 'Headphones, headsets, and other audio devices'.
  • The program will search for your device. When (or if) it successfully locates it, hilite it and click 'Forward'.
  • At 'Device Setup' wait for setup to complete.
  • At 'Setup Complete' click 'Close'.
  • The screen should now return to 'Bluetooth Preferences'.
Configure Device for Input/Output
  • Go into System>Preferences>Sound.
  • Go to the 'Input' and 'Output' tabs and highlight the bluetooth device that you have paired under 'Choose a device for input/output', this sets the bluetooth device to be used as a headphone/microphone.
Test audio recording and playback Open Sound Recorder (Applications>Sound&Video>Sound Recorder) and record a short test clip (MAYDAY MAYDAY WE ARE GOING DOWN!!!) and then play it back.

If everything is working correctly you should hear your test clip played back to you through the headset.

Affix sticker Initial a 'Tested by' sticker and stick it to the charger. Bluetooth device & charger go together to the store, use a rubber band. Once you are done testing devices make sure to place them in the box to go to the store.