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This is a draft of a new or in-progress document, and is likely to have a few people specifically working on it. You may wish to check in on the discussion page to see what the purpose of the document is and who's working on it; then feel free to give this article love and attention if have extra of those things.

The board secretary will be an important role for ensuring the organization's transparency and accessibility, as well as the effectiveness of the board.

  • Ensure accessibility of archives. The board's archives need to include all minutes and ancillary materials necessary to make the board's decisions understandable. They need to be complete and readable, and easily available to all board members.
  • Policy maintenance. Policy decisions of the board need to be organized in such a way that they are easily referenced by anyone in the organization, and so that they can be evaluated and updated as needed.
  • Make sure board agenda & meeting materials are produced in a timely way. The secretary does not need to take all minutes, but must make sure that minutes are taken (both for the board as a whole and for committees of the board), up to standards, and archived appropriately.
  • Maintain board directory.
  • Maintain board handbook.

About this draft

This document is being developed by the Board recruitment committee pursuant to board instructions, April 2011 and the approved 2011 governance proposal. It will be submitted to the board for approval on May 18.


To begin with, this officer will need to evaluate, refine (or establish) systems for archives and policy tracking, as well as creating the board directory and the board handbook. They may of course enlist help in these tasks!