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This is a draft of a new or in-progress document, and is likely to have a few people specifically working on it. You may wish to check in on the discussion page to see what the purpose of the document is and who's working on it; then feel free to give this article love and attention if have extra of those things.

The treasurer helps the rest of the board fulfill their obligation to the organization's fiscal responsibility, and is the most directly engaged in the organization's finances. The individual in this position must have some financial expertise. This role is in the bylaws; the treasurer should be familiar with the description therein and other legal responsibilities described in the Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Act.

  • Evaluate financial processes and standards of the organization.
  • Ensure development and board review of financial policies and procedures.
  • Review all important financial documents. This may include annual budgets, charts of accounts, cash flow projections, statements of functional expenses, statements of activities, and statements of financial position. The treasurer will ensure that reports on the financial state of the organization are understandable to the rest of the board.

About this draft

This document is being developed by the Board recruitment committee pursuant to board instructions, April 2011 and the approved 2011 governance proposal. It will be submitted to the board for approval on May 18.