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This is a page to log community desires about books we'd like to get for our ever-growing library. No Starch Press and O'Reilly have graciously offered to donate books to us. Their booklists can be found at and

Specific titles and general ideas are welcome.

General ideas

Note: we are always looking for newer edition of the following books:

  • Basic Linux books for specific distros
  • Debian Distro reference books
  • In general I'd suggest "meta" books (e.g. security, networking) over specific books (e.g. Perl, PHP, hacks, cookbooks); so I guess I'm saying more general theory over programming or specific applications. I say this for two reasons. First, the specific books are more likely to change and go out of date quicker. And second, volunteers/staff/etc are more likely to have copies of the specific books themselves whereas they're unlikely to have the general ones since they're not "essential". -- Wren
  • A book or two on ruby wouldn't hurt. -- Martin [O'Reilly doesn't **have** two books on Ruby. -- Kevin] -- seconded by a would-be book borrower seeking Ruby
  • Cookbooks and other specifics-oriented books

Specific books


The Phantom's top ten:

  • PHP Cookbook (2 are on shelves)
  • Python Cookbook (all these books are missing-we need to restock them).
  • SQL Cookbook - not yet released, new author, iffy?
  • HTML howto books
  • Classic Shell Scripting
  • The Art of Project Management - highly recommended by various folks, on my to-read list. (Project Management for Dummies is in Rev section of our Library).
  • Designing Large Scale LANs - sounds like a good thing for ASSes to read. Would any ASSes take the time to read it? Who knows!
  • Security and Usability - I'd like to read this one.
  • Practical PostgreSQL - kinda gets trashed on the Amazon reviews, but it would be good to have a PostgreSQL book around somewhere, since that's what fgdb runs on. (1 on shelf)
  • Linux Security Cookbook (3 in library now)
  • Head First Design Patterns (1 copy in library now)

Other suggestions:

for ASS:

  • Security Warrior
  • Network Troubleshooting Tools - gets mediocre reviews, but probably useful to ASS newbie.
  • Linux Network Administrator's Guide - some people on amazon like it. On the other hand, it's mostly a printed-and-bound version of documentation that's free online. (1 in library now)
  • Internet Forensics - not-yet-released, but subject is ASS appropriate.

for Coders:

  • Unit Test Frameworks
  • RT Essentials - If you can get anyone to agree to read this, grab it. But I'm not sure you can.
  • Producing Open Source Software - I'd want to review this before actually recommending it, but it would answer those questions from the coders who wander in and ask "how do I get involved in Open Source?"
  • Secure Coding: Principles and Practices
  • Designing Interfaces - another not-yet-released from first-time-author.
  • JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook (2 on shelf)
  • Learning the bash Shell
  • Essential CVS - only in the "if you like books better" category


  • Running Linux - was good to me once upon a time. (3 on shelf-may have 2 missing)
  • Using Moodle
  • Joy of Tech series (comic)
  • User Friendly series (comic)


Where's our library resource management application?]
  • Learning Python - probably more appropriate than Programming Python for new coders. (All these books are missing)
  • Practical Unix and Internet Security - apparently a venerable classic. (1 on shelf)

Wren's suggestions:

  • 802.11 Security
  • 802.11 Wireless Networks: Definitive Guide
  • AI for Game Developers (not relevant to FG?)
  • Ambient Findability (highly highly suggest)
  • The Art of Project Management (i in Reserve section)
  • Building Internet Firewalls
  • Building Embedded Linux Systems (not relevant to FG?)
  • Computer Security Basics
  • Designing Large Scale LANs
  • Linux Network Administrator's Guide
  • Peer-to-Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disrup... (not relevant to FG?)
  • Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide (not relevant to FG?)

No Starch Press

  • Wicked Cool Shell Scripts (1 on shelf)
  • Book of IRC
  • The eBay Price Guide (1 on shelf)
  • The eBay Survival Guide
  • Linux in the Workplace (1-missing-to be replaced)
  • Linux Made Easy (1-missing to be replaced)
  • Web Programmer's Desk Reference
  • Linux Problem Solver
  • Linux for Non-Geeks (1 on shelf)
  • Ubuntu for Non-geeks [1]