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Builders earn a Freekbox by successfully assembling five systems. If the Builder is returning for another Freekbox, 365 days must have passed since they were last disbursed a system. The following conditions may also apply:

If a Builder has just graduated from or tested out of Prebuild:

  1. They must successfully complete at least five QCs,
  2. They must be approved by a Build Instructor before moving on to Assembly.

Occasionally, Assembly or QC credits may be given for systems that are not successfully passed or fall outside of a standard QC/Assembly in the following circumstances:

  1. Extensive troubleshooting is demonstrated on a system that is ultimately rejected,
  2. Three to five QCs, per Instructor discretion, are successfully completed after having met the QC requirement,
  3. Two to three Laptop QCs, per Instructor discretion, are successfully completed after having met the QC requirement,
  4. Successful completion of an Instructor assigned Special Project.

After successfully completing five Assemblies, Builders may opt to continue assembling and/or QCing systems without having to commit to a take-home system. This may continue indefinitely or until a Builder decides on a take-home system. Once a take-home system has been dispersed to the Builder, he or she can begin earning credit towards their next Freekbox disbursement.

If a system is mistakenly dispersed to a Builder before 365 days have passed since their last dispersion, 365 days will be added to to the remaining time since their previous dispersion before they may begin reearning Build credits.

Adoption hours and Build credits are incommensurable. Time spent working Build shifts will not apply towards the Adoption program; likewise, hours in the Adoption program can not be translated into Build credits.

A Builder may only designate a box as a take-home if it has not already been assembled. Boxes that have been assembled but not yet QCed are implicitly designated for the Adoption program.

Build and QC credits are assigned on a 365-day rotating list. You must complete 5 QCs and 5 Builds within the last 365 days to qualify for a takehome computer.