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* [[Receiving Payments on Invoices]]
* [[Receiving Payments on Invoices]]
* [[End of Shift Accounting]]
* [[End of Shift Accounting]]
* [[Direct Deposit of payhecks]]
== Finances ==
== Finances ==

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This is the C7 page

C7 is pondering the Meta Question and to this end we're thinking about a scenario for Free geek's future. Read about it at Maximum Free Geek, Sister Free Geek, Fragmented Free Geeks, Government Subsidized Free Geek, and Expansionist Free Geek.

Want to know more about how Free Geek gets its money? Read Where the Money Comes From.

C7 should oversee the budget for Free Geek.



There is now a page where folks can take a peek at our basic financial information.

Policy Development