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The Lesson

CPU is an abbreviation for central processing unit. The CPU is the brains of the computer and is commonly refered to as simply the "processor." It is the most important part of the computer. The CPU/Processor processes data and instructions, does calculations and whatever the software programs tell it to do.

Types of processors
  • slot processor
  • socket processor

The Excersise

Identify the following
  • slot processor
  • zif socket (digits)
  • processor speed
  • IED slot
  • botton battery
Hands on
  • remove the heat sink to read the proc speed and put it back on.
  • remove and put back the botton battery

This Box Should Contain:

  • slot processor
  • CPUs: IBM and AMD
  • mobo with slot processor
  • mobo with a socket processor
  • magnifying glass
  • tools to remove the fan and heatsink