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Free Geek's hours are changing. This will change the hours we advertise to the public as well as the hours of most classes, paid work shifts, volunteer shifts, and meetings.

Before June 14, 2011 our hours of operation are 11-7, Tue-Sat.

Starting on June 14, 2011 our hours of operation will be 10-6, Tue-Sat.

Searching through the wiki and our main website look for references to:

  • 11 or eleven,
  • 7 or seven,
  • Tue or Tuesday, and
  • Sat or Saturday

In general look for any times listed. If you see a page that refers to hours that will likely be affected, add this text to the top of the page:

{{Hours Change}}

This will categorize each page and add an appropriate note to the top of it.

As the switchover date gets nearer, we will need to edit all pages in the category to reflect our new hours rather than our old hours.

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