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Standing Committees of the staff are groups within the staff collective that are more autonomous and easy to work with than maybe the whole staff collective. All areas of responsibility at Free Geek have a committee assigned to them. In many cases, the final authority may reside with the full collective, but the committees hash out the ideas in advance and present them at staff meetings for approval. As we do this, we'll define what types of tasks don't need to go to the full staff for decision and can be left up to the committees themselves.

There are ten standing committees and every collective member is on at least one. Collective members working 35 hours are on at least two. Collective members could be on more, but it's important to limit the number of committees a given collective member would be on so that no one is trying to keep track of too many things. Some committees won't require as much work as others, so the number of people on each committee would vary depending on the work load.

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