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There's some old discussion at Talk:Press_Kit


I'm using a lot of what Pete has already written and making a simpler set of outreach kits. I also found some useful structure for such things at the Nature Conservancy site. Here are some ideas:

  • 3 kits, geared towards:
    • Media outlets (very simple, who-we-are one pager with stats)
    • Volunteer recruitment
    • Big donors (possibly based on Media_Kit/Social)
  • Also might want:
    • More in-depth "How We Work" page (somewhat equatable to Media Kit/3Free)
    • 1-page FAQ
    • Milestones/history page

Much of what Pete has written in the myriad of media kit pages will be useful for specific stories with differing foci, but it seems we can make the media kits short and sweet to hook 'em, then talk to them more about the details. Shawn


Online, then print out

  • Current press release
  • Logos
  • Photos (put on CD)
  • Story ideas Shawn


The next three pages compose the core of the package. The idea is that one of these three will be of primary interest to any given reporter, but which one will vary depending in whether it's an environmental news source, a geeky news source, or general interest.
  1. Media Kit/Enviro Environmental (Reuse and Recycling) aspects of Free Geek's mission
  2. Media Kit/Geeky (merge with Media Kit/3Free?)
  3. Media Kit/Social (draw some excerpts from Fundraising Letter 0412 and testimonials...Dirk, Dottye)


I'd like to have a cartoon character in the upper-right of every page, with a little thought-bubble like quote. This could either be the same character on every page, or vary page-to-page; I don't really have a preference. Maybe Richard could draw them? Or do we have any other cartoonists? Quote ideas are on each page.

code name:

I want to have a couple definitions of Free Geek or tech terms on each page. As kind of a mini-sidebar or footer. Draw on Free Geek Definitions for this. There are some suggested terms on each page.


Sidebars on a few of the pages would be a good graphical element. Some ideas are in the wiki pages; also, testimonials from Stats and Testimonials could fill this need.