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If you choose to help tidy up our wonderful facility, we will reward you with double hours (we know we're messy). Just how much time you want to spend on cleaning is up to you, but in case you really want to go all out, there is a list of extra stuff that would make you a cleaning All-Star!

Basic Cleaning Stuff

  • wash the ones in sink, dry them, and put them away
  • clean coffee pot
  • get rid of all the nasty stuff
  • refill the water filter
Food (Check the cafeteria too)
  • Throw out stale bread and spoiled produce
  • Tidy up and clean crumbs
  • take out the trash from all the garbage cans in the building & replace trash bags
    • if there's only a handful of trash in the can, no need to dump it, please reuse the bags when possible
    • use large bags only for large trash cans
    • please don't use bags for the blue paper and glass recycling cans
    • put cans back just where you found them
  • sweep the floors - ESPECIALLY in the cafeteria by the food table
  • Vacuum meeting room, hallway and lounge.
  • check on TP situation (please don't put out more than 2 rolls at once in each bathroom)
  • clean toilet, mirror, sink, mop floor if necessary
    • please be sure to empty mop bucket when you're done

All-Stars Cleaning List

  • collect all neglected dishes from around building (they're hiding everywhere!)
  • reorganize the dishes shelves
  • deep clean: scrub down the inside of fridge
  • get rid of any neglected food everywhere, especially the classroom, cafeteria, core lounge
  • water the plants (reception area and meeting room)
  • dusting dusting dusting! please use a wet rag so you don't inhale too much dust.
  • clean the windows
  • swap out old newspapers for new reading materials (there's a whole library in the core lounge!)
Reception Area
  • clean up free box (throw away any garbage, get all clothing in box)
  • remove outdated postings on bulletin board
  • scrub down the trash cans
  • dust the keeper systems & shelves, also the tested monitors and their shelves. please use a wet rag so you don't inhale too much dust.
  • sweep the entire warehouse

Where Are the Cleaning Products?

  • dish soap & sponges: under the kitchen sinks and in the janitor supply room
  • cleaning products: under the front kitchen sink (there is baking soda for environmentally friendly cleaning)
  • clean towels, vacuum, mop & bucket & everything else: in the janitor supply room