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Quick Guide:

  • Warn volunteers to leave 15 minutes before closing.
  • Lock all external doors (leave the front door for last).
  • Switch off all lights.
  • Switch off all monitors.
  • Power down all terminals.
  • Turn off all fans.
  • Turn off the heat and A/C (it should be programmed to happen automatically, but if you altered those settings...)
  • Ask any remaining core volunteers with key access to handle closing for areas they may inhabit after hours.
  • Make sure volunteers (without keys) leave when we close.

Detailed Instructions:

Fifteen minutes before shutdown:

  • Go through each room and announce that we'll be closing in fifteen minutes.
  • Tell each volunteer to come to a good stopping point, and to get their hours recorded at the front desk.
  • Selectively turn out lights to show that we are, in fact, about to close.
  • Check any door that is supposed to be locked all the time. Make sure that they are locked.
  • Turn off all computers not in use.
  • For double doors, latch the door that doesn't have a lock on it.

At shutdown:

  • Bring a flashlight and your keys.
  • Go through each room and tell stragglers to leave.
  • Turn out lights.
  • Check every door, including the ones you just checked.
  • Turn off all computers not in use.
  • Lock all doors.

Here's a good order to proceed through the building:

  1. Receiving. Latch and lock the external double doors and lock Advanced Receiving (both doors).
    • The idle door in receiving has a broken lower latch, please use the padlock and chain to secure this pair of doors.
  2. Look down the hall towards system evaluation.
  3. Switch off the lights (by the door into Reception).
  4. Proceed through Receiving, turning off computers.
  5. Proceed through Basic Testing, turning off computers.
  6. In Advanced Testing:
    • Check to see if Hard Drive tests are underway. (Check all hard drive testers, checking all channels on the switch while looking at the monitor.)
    • If not, turn off the computers.
    • If Hard Drive tests are underway, leave the computers on, but turn off the monitors.
    • Turn off the lights (south wall and east wall).
  7. Proceed to Card and Motherboard Sorting room. Turn off lights there and in the adjacent bathroom.
  8. Proceed into the warehouse and look down each aisle.
  9. Go to the northeast door. Open it and check the external door. Then check the internal door. Both should be locked and shut.
  10. Proceed to the Recycling area. Check the door and the rollup door. Both should be locked.
  11. Switch off all warehouse lights at the light switch next to the electrical panel on the north wall (near northwest corner).
  12. Turn down the thermostat: turn left down the third aisle from the Advanced Testing door. The thermostat is on the last column.
  13. Proceed back to the Advanced Testing area, locking the warehouse door behind you.
  14. Check the build office doors. Both should be locked.
  15. Switch off the lights in the Big Shelves area.
  16. Close and latch door to the Mezzanine/Tree House.
  17. Switch off the lights in System Evaluation (electrical panel at the end of System Evaluation).
    • Be sure to turn off the A/C at the thermostat in Eval before you turn off the lights, the condensation pump is wire to the light circuit.
    • Turn off each of the test stations (use master switch on powerbase).
  18. Proceed into the Build area:
    • Turn off computer terminals, all monitors and speakers, and printer. (Check for written instructions for exceptions before doing this.)
    • Turn off switch on west side of South wall
    • Unplug speaker power supplies/bricks.
  19. Exit Build into the Lab, turning off Build lights (to the left of the door as you exit).
  20. Turn off computers and Printers in the Lab.
  21. Exit the Lab and cross the Big Classroom. Go ahead and to the right.
  22. Switch off lights in both bathrooms.
  23. Check the rollup door next to the stairway.
  24. Proceed through the Kitchen. Make sure nothing is burning in the toaster oven.
  25. Proceed into the Meeting Room. Switch off the lights in the Meeting Room (and this kills the lights in the kitchen as well.)
  26. Pass Monkeyhouse. Check the door (it should be locked).
  27. Check the external door and look into the White Hole.
  28. Switch off lights for Collaborative Technologies (near the door).
  29. Go into the Store and check the external doors. They should be locked and latched.
  30. Lock the door from the Store into the Classroom / White Hole / Monkey House / Library area.
  31. Proceed back into the Big Classroom. Switch off the lights (east wall).
  32. Proceed back into the Lab. Cross and turn right down the hallway.
  33. Switch off lights in kitchen and bathroom. Make sure the coffee machine is off.
  34. Switch off lights into the Lab (left hand side of wall in hallway).
  35. Lock office doors.
  36. Check cabinet inside office (where money goes). It should be locked and money should be put away.
  37. Proceed to the Reception area. Turn off data entry terminal. Leave front desk computer on. Turn off its monitor. Turn off printer.
  38. Put away flashlight and checklist.
  39. Turn off lights to Reception and offices (next to front door).
  40. Latch and lock front door.