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Coders Workshops meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7:15. Coders Workshops are open to all, experienced and new coders alike. The only requirement is that you want to help and learn or teach in the process. We try to team up experienced folks with newbies. We only work on stuff we actually use, so your work is always needed.

Coding Projects

Here are some projects we are working on at Free Geek:

FGdb -- This is PHP code ( that talks to a PostgreSQL database.

FGDiag -- Python code used for testing gizmos.

Distro Implementation -- Figure out how to get the software onto the boxes we build, and how to make it work like we want it to.

Other Coding Projects -- There are usually a variety of smaller tasks that need doing, often using shell scripting.

Getting Started

If any of the above projects interest you, you may want to join the coders. To do so: