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The Free Geek Community Council is the group responsible for the long term vision of Free Geek. It enacts policy that is:

  • overarching, affecting all of Free Geeks, OR
  • cross-group, not as big as overarching, but affects multiple groups (if those groups can't coordinate the policy on their own), OR
  • controversial in nature.

Any volunteer or worker can be a member of the council.

Current Topics of Discussion

Our next meeting is Wednesday, May 18 at 7:15 pm at Free Geek.

Take a look at last meeting's agenda

The Future of Collab

Whither Collaborative Technologies? (See The Future of Collab proposal.)

The Board of Directors

What are our desires for the structure and function of our Board_of_Directors?

The Meta Question

We are currently pondering the Meta Question and to this end we're thinking about a scenario for Free geek's future.

There are some thought experiment scenarios listed at Meta_Question#Where_to_next?.

And More

  • Homestreet report
  • Outreach for board members
  • Meeting procedures proposals (Laurel)
    • Commitments
    • Monthly reports
  • Envada ISP support Free Geek?
  • Free Geek should be more human-friendly. Participate in VBC?

Past Meetings and Council Template

  • This is the Meeting Template that may be copyed when setting up a new Council Meeting.