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This is a piece of post-CollabTech futurology.

Let us embark immediately upon the creation of a skills database of available freegeek-friendly contractors. Let us direct the front desk, or preferably the NAP if it is consented by Council, to make appropriate use of this database in dealing with nonprofits. It will include the contractor's names, contact information, pricing information if available, and skills. For contractors to become part of the database, they must conform to the following requirements:

  1. They must be familiar with open source software, have no bias against it, and be aware that FreeGeek will not offer any tech support for closed source software.
  2. They must demonstrate FreeGeek's desired community spirit by doing one of the following:
    1. teaching classes at FreeGeek
    2. allowing FreeGeek volunteers to shadow them in their work
    3. donating their special skills to some nonprofits
    4. (other proposals considered)
  3. They must recommend responsible recycling of old hardware to all clients who replace hardware during their tenure, and are encouraged to recommend FreeGeek.
  4. They must consider using recycled hardware where appropriate.
  5. Pay a small finder's fee for projects we refer to them.

Let us also create a list, for their use, of hardware that we could make specially available to these contractors for the use in their projects, either granted to the nonprofits at the end or sold at discount. Examples: network-ready printers, matched diskless terminals, routers/firewalls, matched keyboards, etc.

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