Council 2005 08

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The Agenda

  • Call the meeting to order
    • Note attendance
  • Check in
    • How's everyone doing?
  • Committments from Previous Meeting
    • (From previous meeting's minutes)
    • knowledge bees: recommend envada
    • clint: wiki page on truck donors
    • clint: boardnetusa
    • oso: pickups for pay
    • Richard will give a more thorough report on the Homestreet/meyer trust stuff over email.
    • Richard/Oso will give a Financial report over email.
  • Reports from Other Meeting
    • Reporters should report on what happened
    • PAWC
  • Old Business (from previous meeting's minutes)
  • Hiring
    • report from hiring visionary group
  • Bylaws

  • New Business (from answers to call for agenda items)
  • Next Meeting
    • Facilitator
    • Scribe
    • Reporters to other meetings?
    • Date and time
    • Place
    • Unfinished business for the next meeting?