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== New Commitments ==
== New Commitments ==
* Mark will announce a web site he's aware of about board nominations.
* Mark will announce a web site he's aware of about non-profit orgs.

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  • Facilitator: Vagrant
  • Scribe: Pete
  • Minutes Checker: Wren
  • Date: March 15, 7:15 pm
  • Place: Free Geek meeting room


Vagrant (facilitator), Craig Wickenberg, Pete Forsyth (scribe), Rev Phil, Tall Wes, Marie D (board), Mark Burns (Portland Community Media), Wren (board), Laurel (board), Matthew (staff), Kerm Jensen, Dave H (staff), Bill Shepherd, Richard S (staff), Rick (staff), Sophia (intern), Bobby K, Steve (staff)

Old Commitments

  • Marie & Phil will create a video that can go on the web, etc. (by March 3rd Thurs) CARRYOVER (will be done by April 20)
  • Martin, Wren, Clout, Wes will convene to do needs assessment for blind linux distro. Martin will send email to schedule a meeting DROP (until after martin comes back)
  • everybody give feedback on Media Kit DO IT! DONE! DO MORE IF YOU LIKE!
  • Dave and/or Oso will email council list with more info about Free Geek Gresham very soon. DONE
  • recycling and action committees will develop a plan to make sure tools are safe CARRYOVER


Thrift Store Report


Pre-Build Report


Build Report


ASS Report

Vagrant: things have been difficult, and we've been busy.

Free Geek Gresham




doesn't have as much detail as he'd planned. Bank has been in transition, they've made some errors which slow us down. Alana (?) who has bookkeeping experience will be coming in to help Richard. So, better numbers by next month.

We've paid down all but $3000 of debt to a recycler we're moving away from (Total Reclaim)

Jan and Feb have been good. About $16,000 March so far from front desk and thrift store.

  • Marie: Has the $10k reserve been dipped into?
  • Richard: Not intentionally. It has occasionally been accessed for technical reasons related to bank errors, but immediately replenished.
  • Matthew: Are things good?
  • Richard: yes. We have paid down most debt.

Annual Report is on the wiki, it's worth a look. Good representation of last year (some detail still unknown from December.)

Old Business


Oso went to a meeting last week.

April, big meeting coming up with all big electronics company. We have a big chunk of time to do a presentation/fundraising pitch. Arranging with Mayor to give a presentation. Oso, Richare, Shawn, Dave will be involved.

Space: several under consideration.

City of Gresham has been very helpful, as has the Gresham Optimists Club.

New Business

Senior Discount proposal

Oso presents

senior discount proposal (Oso)

We have a temporary discount. Should we make it permanent?

  • Rick: the discount cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • Phil: does this diminish the value of existing discounts?
  • Vagrant: let's not discuss details here.
  • Marie: what's the justification?
  • Pete: fixed income, seniors are valuable here, many have tech experience and lots of time on their hands.
  • Matthew: this looks like a sales promo, doesn't need a major philosophical justification.
  • Wes: let's include disabled people.
  • Phil: Wes, how about develop a separate proposal, and bring it to a future meeting.
  • Richard: Let's table this, let's check in afterwards and see how it went. Have the staff talk this over and give a recommendation to Council next month.

Board Vacancy


Bob Griggs resigned via letter to Oso. He's too busy, he's still going to volunteer, no bad feelings.

Bylaws say Council should appoint someone to the vacancy. (no required timetable.)

We shouldn't decide tonight, maybe 2 months from now is a good time frame (Richard's opinion.)

This is the first vacancy we've had since new bylaws.

We have a timetable that is intended for regularly scheduled elections, but we should roughly follow it in this case.

Bob had a 2 year term, so the replacement will be a 1.5 year term.

  • Dave: nominations tonight, and decision next month?
  • Richard: lets get feedback from current board, and see what the needs are. Let's take the time and do it right, rather than rush it.
  • Pete: Was there a specific skill Bob brought to the board?
  • Marie: Bob had a lot of nonprofit experience. (OMSI, OPB...)

New Director Agreement

  • Richard: we have a lot of young energy, and have lost one of two people with lots of experience. Maybe we should look for somebody with lots of experience. There may be other factors as well.
  • Mark: should we post something? (internal? external?)
  • Richard reads timeline from wiki. Board Election Checklist
  • Some questioning of Richard's proposed time line (election in two months)
  • next board meeting is April 3
  • Attending members of current board is fine with it.
  • Richard: according to bylaws, council must announce what we want in the board. What do we want in a board member?
  • Laurel: agrees that experience is desirable. Also, legal experience is desirable.
  • Marie: agrees. Also, experience with other nonprofits is good. What the IRS requires, expectations of members, etc.
  • Mark knows a web site that he will find.
  • someone from inside? from outside?
  • Pete: we have lots of representation from inside.
  • Laurel: but they gotta "grok" our consensus style deal.
  • Mark: PAWC people?
  • Matthew: diversity? we have good M/F balance, but do we also want more racial diversity?
  • Marie: there's some self-selection. No worry about an authoritarian.


New Commitments

  • Mark will announce a web site he's aware of about non-profit orgs.