Covering Recycling On A Daily Basis

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  • Volunteers - They tend to show up at 11 and again at 3, though walk ins and odd shifts exist on a daily basis. You need to get them started, after a brief explanation of where things go, they can work (for the most part) with little supervision. Moving clockwise, get them acquainted with the bins.

  • Daughter Board pre-op - All ISA PCI AGP and the like, type daughter boards that come to recycling are to start off here. People coming from testing, card and motherboard sorting, or build with boxes full of these things are to be told to put them here. There is a workstation of sorts here and that task will be outlined further down.
  • The Bench - Almost every tool needed to de-manufacture a computer and many that are not can be found scattered the length of the bench. Power screwdrivers are hardwired to the bench with fixed Phillips head bits. Screws have many containers that collect screws as well as containers for batteries. Gloves can be found on the shelves below and at the end of the bench closest to the Mad Max cart is a first aid kit. Tell the volunteers that if they run across something you didn't cover, run into a problem or forget where stuff goes, just set it aside and ask you the next time they see you, and then make sure they see you often enough for this to work. If you also cannot deal with it, place it in a box for someone to deal with later.

Now the volunteers are equipped with enough knowledge to get going. If there are seasoned veterans at the bench, they will be a big help in getting the new ones going. You should check back frequently at first until you and the recycler are confident that things are going smoothly.


  • Make sure that the folks who are testing monitors are consolidating space on monitor mountain. Left unchecked, the monitors will spread like a stain across the warehouse floor. Try and keep them from being stacked in front of the gaylords as they will be leaving someday soon. If you have the volunteer power and are sure we have pallets and gaylords to support it, initiate a game of monitor tetris. Do realize that sometimes things are just super out of control with the monitors, and do the best you can to keep the aisles to the black hole and from the roll up door to the gaylords clear.
  • As gaylords become full, they will have to be switched out for new ones. Use the pallet jack to move the full bin over to the rows of gaylords waiting to leave. Sweep out the empty space if it needs it and place a pallet on the floor with the slots facing out (so it can be moved when it, in turn, is full).Take a gaylord from the stack and lug it over by the pallet. Unfold it into box shape and choose an end to be the bottom. Fold the flaps inward to form the bottom and place it on the pallet. There is a right way to align the gaylord with the pallet, if it seems wide and shallow, you have it on wrong.