DVD-ROM testing

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  • Find a dvd-rom drive (IDE, for now)

Setting up the system

    • jumper it so that the drive is a master
    • plug the dvd-rom into the machine. Remember both the power and the ribbon cable.
    • boot Lame on the DVD-ROM TESTING MACHINE
    • put some kind of dvd in to the dvd drive (after it starts up).
    • umm... login as the guest user like:
      login: guest
    • then input the password 'freegeek' like
      password: ********
    • but really you are typing freegeek and nothing will show while you do it
    • not even stars.
      • The console should look like this:


      • type 'aumix' into the command prompt. Turn up the first two (on the right side) levels on the succeeding screen. Use the arrow keys.
      • When you finished that task, hit 'q' on the keyboard to quit aumix.
      • Back at the command prompt type 'startx' and press enter
  • It should automatically load xINE and start the movie (bring up the DVD-menu). If it doesn't you will need to go back the commmand prompt by clicking on the 'x' on the volume control.
  • In the command line type 'xine'

...yeah, then you should be watching your movie so grab some munchies!