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This page is a work in progress.

This page is an index for files that need to look a certain way when printed out, for example forms and brochures where the page layout is very important.

There are a variety of applications that can produce these printouts. The current list is organized by file type. This needs to be re-organized later on.

If there are files listed here that don't need to look a certain way when printed out, they should probably just be moved to a regular wiki page.

There are some files here that were originally uploaded as postscript files only. (The old system had a place for source files, but some authors did not commit their source files.) In those cases, the postscript file should be used as a basis for re-creating the document using open office or another appropriate application.)

To use these files click on the link. If your computer is properly configured your application will open the document. You may need to install additional software and/or configure your browser to do this.

In addition to re-organizing this page, we also need to add descriptions of the files, so people will know what they're getting. And we need to add instructions that tell people how to create and upload files to this area of the FreekiWiki.

If you know how to do any of these tasks, please help out.

If you upload a new file, please at least add a description of that file.

Supported Formats:

(We will currently support odg and odt openoffice file formats, and gnumeric and glabels formats with "gnumeric" and "glabels" as their extensions.)

OpenOffice Graphics files (odg)

Earn-a-computer tear-off sheets. Outreach.
Free Geek Brochure
These are for the general public to learn more about Free Geek (and maybe kick us down some cash).
For hardware grants use. Given to organizations receiving grants from us. Outreach.
Receiving donation form
Old "receiving-donation-form", for use by hardware donations workers and the front desk

OpenOffice Text files (odt)

Adoption Schedule
Should be most current schedule for adoption scheduling
Blank letterhead
Do not use for evil purposes.
Builder's Status Sheet
Print sparingly for the time being, it may be updated; print just page one unless a volunteer plans on building a lot of systems.
Certified Eval Trainers
List of staff, subs, and volunteers who are Eval instructors
Credit card receipt form
Used for reimbursement
IOU/Reimbursement Form
To reimburse people from the store or front desk tills for purchases made, etc.
New Volunteer Form
For all new volunteers to fill out before becoming a geek
Receipt log
For use by hardware donations workers and the front desk and at pickup events. This should be filled out so a normal receipt can be entered when the database is again accessible.
Receiving donation form
For use by hardware donations workers and the front desk and at pickup events. This can be given to donors in lieu of a regular receipt.
State Continuation Election Form
For health plan administrator use. Signed by outgoing employees who were covered by our health plan.
Paid Support Ticket
Paid Tech Support ticket, for use by the store.
Tech Support Intake Form
For use when a computer is left at Tech Support to record the adopters name, contact info, login info, issues, and who the adopter spoke to.

For Tabling

Newsletter sign up
Quick explanation of Free Geek, adoption, and build programs.
Media:Summary_adoption_position.odt (needs reformatting)
Media:Summary_build_position.odt (needs reformatting)
Chart explaining toxins present in computers.

gnumeric spreadsheets:

Tally sheet for eval
This is the system evaluation tally sheet that hangs on the cart in system evaluation. It tracks how many keeper and how many recycle systems we send to the warehouse. Data entry volunteers use this to enter data in the database
Prebuild schedule
This is the schedule used to sign up volunteers for Card and Motherboard Sorting and System Evaluation 1 and 2. It lives on a clipboard at the front desk.
Till worksheet
This is a spreadsheet that can be used to count money in the tills at the end of a cashier's shift, and also for beancounting the following day. It is filled out and printed out at the end of the cashier's shift (and then included in the till), and it is filled out and printed out to include in the daily transaction books by the beancounters.
End of shift form
This lives in the bookkeeping toolbox and is printed out blank and then partially filled out when preparing a till to show how much money the till started with. It is completed at the end of a shift to reflect how much money is in the till at the end of the shift.
Mileage reimbursement form
This lives at the front desk and is used to show how much money was spent on reimbursements for Free Geek business travel. It is completed after the trip when the money is reimbursed to the traveller.

glabels labels:

Keeper Labels-5963
These are the labels used in system evaluation to indicate a system is a keeper. They belong in the system evaluation area.
Reason for Recycle Labels-5962
These are the labels used in system evaluation to indicate a system is to be recycled and why. They belong in the system evaluation area.
Reject Labels-5962
These are the labels used throughout the building (except in system evaluation) to indicate a system is to be recycled and why. They belong in the build area.
Laptop Keeper Labels-5963
Laptop Recycle Labels-5963

Unsupported formats

If the files listed below are not being used, we should simply archive their old PS files and remove them from this list. Otherwise, we should take measures to get versions in supported formats uploaded.

html (switch formats):

(We will not support the upload of HTML files. Switch the format to something else and we will upload that instead. Links to the postscript and the most recent html files are included.)