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The Director for Development will help Free Geek to expand its donor base through relationship-building. As a growing organization that has been remarkably self-supporting, Free Geek needs to learn to better leverage its community support to continue improving its programs and services.

The person who fills this position should have:

  • Experience with non-profit development and development plans.
  • Excellent communication skills to best work within the organization and spread the word outside.

The Director for Development will:

  • Lead the board's efforts to create a development plan by assessing current processes and resources and advising board and staff on possible routes. We hope to encourage more monetary donations through small and large giving programs.
  • Create and maintain relationships with business community for both hardware and monetary donations.

About This Page

This draft was created by the Board recruitment committee to enable the recruitment of a board member to this skills-based seat. Approved by the board at the August 10, 2011 meeting.