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This seat exists to help Free Geek navigate the legal and cultural waters of human resources. As it becomes a more complex organization, Free Geek needs someone who has experience with legal law and labor relations to help it make smart decisions about how it is managed.

Any candidate for this position should:

  • Have a working knowledge of employment laws and best practices. While we strive to have this knowledge represented within the staff collective, it has not been the primary job description or hiring criterion for any staff position. We could use the advice of someone with experience.
  • Have experience working with unions. As of 2011, Free Geek's non-collective staff are represented by a union, which creates another layer of considerations for our policies. We wholeheartedly support our union, but are sometimes surprised by unintended ramifications.
  • Should have experience with consensus decision making or interest in learning about collectives and consensus. The board and the collective (and smaller, more informal groups) make decisions by consensus. The fact that Free Geek is managed by a collective (not an executive director and management team) means that many outside policies can not be directly applied.

The elected director would be expected to:

  • Review and advise staff and board on new and existing processes for managing, hiring, and human resources issues.

About this Draft

This draft was created by the Board Recruitment Committee to supplement the General Directors' job description. Approved at the August 2012 board meeting.