Discrimination Compliance Policy

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Discrimination Compliance Policy: Adopted by the Staff Collective on March 30, 2012.
List of Policies - Policy Development

This policy applies to all Free Geek employees.

Free Geek complies with all applicable state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination against any member of any protected class. Use of racist, sexist and/or homophobic language is also unacceptable behavior that will result in the dismissal of volunteers from programs and the initiation of disciplinary action against employees. [[1]], [[2]].

Free Geek complies with all applicable federal and state laws that protect people with disabilities against discrimination in terms, conditions or privileges of employment. Our facility is mostly accessible, and we welcome people with different abilities. Free Geek maintains an active accessibility working group. [[3]], [[4]].

Free Geek complies with all applicable provisions of the 1991 Civil Rights Act. [[5]].

Because Free Geek employs fewer than 50 employees, we are not subject to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Free Geek is subject to the Oregon Family Leave Act. We comply with all of its provisions and also includes employees' domestic partners regardless of gender or official status. Free Geek maintains a formal record system for OFLA requests and usage. At their discretion, management may approve the application of OFLA standards to leave requests made by employees who have worked fewer than 180 days and/or have worked an average of less than 25 hours a week during the 180 days before leave begins. [[6]], [[7]].

Free Geek will not tolerate any retaliation towards any employee or volunteer who reports any instance of unlawful discrimination.


POLICY NAME: Compliance with Legal Prohibitions against Discrimination