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== log / summary ==  
== log / summary ==  
log of future meeting goes here.
log of future meeting goes here.

Revision as of 17:36, 12 September 2005

  • date: Sep 13, 2005
  • checkin time: 7-7:15pm PDT -0700 (10-10:15pm EDT)
  • meeting time 7:15pm PDT -0700 (10:15pm EDT)
  • meet in irc.freenode.net #freegeek-distro


unfinished items from last meeting:

  • freekbox3 packaging:
    • building new freekbox3 packages [1]
    • new freekbox3 package archive possibilities:

ongoing items:

  • user-oriented-design
  • Prognosis: how is this project looking?
  • Long-term outlook - including definition of objectives, estimation of required work, and timeline
  • hosting our own popularity-contest server
  • trimming a multi-profile Install CD
  • svn repository hosted at svn.freegeek.org ?

new items:

  • new items here

commitments from last meeting:

  • skippy
    • continued research of popcon server
  • gate
    • setup freekbox3-gnome package
  • stillflame
    • post a note to distro asking for a facilitator
  • Vagrant
    • post to distro list about new "official" freekbox3 packages
    • post to distro list about re-structuring freekbox3 package archive
    • document reprepro on the wiki
  • tymp
    • start a media player page on the wiki
  • anybody
    • look for similar themes in current personae, drop inappropriate debian-np personae

log / summary

log of future meeting goes here.