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  • date: October 11, 2005
  • checkin time: 7pm PDT -0700 (10pm EDT)
  • meeting time 7:15pm PDT -0700 (10:15pm EDT)
  • meet in irc.freenode.net #freegeek-distro



from last meeting:


  • get tested a freekbox3 package release
  • post instructions to pdx QC process.
  • finish svn, add user access (either ssh or webdav)


  • (carryover) spend 4 hours over next two weeks helping document putting packages packages in repository (michael wanted to help with this "as long as I can poke you enough where I fail to understand")
  • [8:55pm] <tymp> commit : post log
  • [8:24pm] <tymp> commit : weigh in on kde vs gnome on the distro list
  • [8:42pm] <tymp> commit : try submitting to skippy's popcon server
  • [8:43pm] <tymp> ugh, commit: i will set popcon up on fgoly's office machine
  • [8:58pm] <tymp> commit : hassle on the list for a facilitator for next meeting and agenda items


  • I will email the adoptionteachers list [to arrange a meeting to discuss developing user personae]
  • get feedback from build teachers on user personae.
  • [8:24pm] <WormRunner> commit: WormRunner will talk on the list


  • (carryover) hand-roll package repository scripts until a better method is devised.


  • join the list discution on kde v gnome

ongoing items:

  1. user-oriented-design
    1. Someone in adoptionteachers wants to use the personae for teacher orientation
    2. Rob (barely) started reading the alan cooper book (cooper takes credit for inventing the persona-driven design thing)
  2. Prognosis (how is this project looking?) & Long-term outlook (including definition of objectives, estimation of required work, and timeline)
  3. hosting our own popularity-contest server
  4. Install CD: multi-profile or otherwise?
  5. svn repository hosted at svn.freegeek.org ?
  6. how is the meeting time/date (tuesdays, 7pm, -0700) for active participants?
  7. packaging & repository
    1. Vagrant's packaging class in PDX in Nov ? - Who will attend, or help plan?
    2. "mini-dinstall would be most useful for developers making experimental releases and cvs builds, reprepro would be best for standard archive format for our released packages, and our hand-rolled one could be as good as reprepro, but more flexible ... but it would require writing it."

new items:

(posted friday before the meeting or sooner)

[i think these are not too late. :) -- baxrob 03:01, 8 Oct 2005 (PDT)]

  1. How to propose and approve changes to FreekBox3
  2. Shall we Fork?
    1. Is it forking? could it be branching?
  3. How can we set goals and deadlines?
  4. How can we help Martin get SVN up?

late items:

(posted saturday before meeting or later) may not have time

  • late items here

log / summary

meeting content should get posted here. some possible useful categories below.



Full Log

full log of meeting here.