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distro meeting to follow Distro/irc20051010

  • date: October 24th, 2005
  • checkin time: 5:15 PDT -0700 (8:15pm EDT)
  • meeting time: 5:30 PDT -0700 (8:30pm EDT)
  • meet in irc.freenode.net #freegeek-distro



from last meeting:


  • (dropped) hand-roll package repository scripts until a better method is devised.
  • set up mini-dinstall package repository for freekbox3 packages
  • head to portland and wake them up
  • set up a few machines to post to freegeekcolumbus's popcon
  • release new simple-cdd packages
  • hassle martin about svn


  • (carryover) get tested a freekbox3 package release
  • (carryover) post instructions to pdx QC process.
  • (carryover) finish svn, add user access (either ssh or webdav)


  • (carryover) try submitting to skippy's popcon server (done)


  • (carryover) I will email the adoptionteachers list [to arrange a meeting to discuss developing user personae]
  • (carryover) get feedback from build teachers on user personae.
  • (carryover) WormRunner will talk on the list


  • (carryover?) join the list discution on kde v gnome
  • set up a few boxes to submit to skippys popcon server
  • set up fg-oly changes box

ongoing items:

  1. user-oriented-design
  2. Prognosis (how is this project looking?) & Long-term outlook (including definition of objectives, estimation of required work, and timeline)
  3. hosting our own popularity-contest server (http://popcon.debian.org)
  4. Install CD: multi-profile or otherwise?
  5. svn repository hosted at svn.freegeek.org ?
  6. how is the meeting time/date (tuesdays, 7pm, -0700) (mondays, 5:30pm, -0700) for active participants?
  7. packaging & repository
  8. How to propose and approve changes to FreekBox3
  9. Fork? Branch?
  10. How can we set goals and deadlines?

new items:

(posted friday before the meeting or sooner)

  1. new items here

late items:

(posted saturday before meeting or later) may not have time

  1. late items here

log / summary

meeting content should get posted here. some possible useful categories below.



Full Log

log of meeting goes here.