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Figure out how to get the software onto the boxes we build, and how to make it work like we want it to. Currently we are working on the freekbox3 distro.

Project Status

This code is in a constant state of change. There's always work needed. The Freekbox3 is currently being installed on computers for adoption. We are using the lessdisks cloning function to image the hard drives.


The RT queue for this project is called Distro.


  • FreekBox UI
    • A stock kde3 interface is being used, there are a few custom changes that we have made
  • Generic Distro Imaging
    • Cloning with the lessdisks system.
    • .deb packages to make updating easer for things like the manual
    • debian install cd - we would like to send these to people who would like this option
  • Merging with Debian-NP
    • we want to help out nonprofits through this project.
  • Other stuff?
    • better define the baseserver install and create packages and disks for it.