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Ali's Notes

  • include pictures of what a CRT is still


Free Geek accepts computers and computer related hardware in any condition. We don't charge a required fee for most items, although we have suggested monetary donation amounts for individual pieces of hardware. These funds support our community-benefiting programs, and are much appreciated!

There is a $10.00 disposal fee per monitor, working or not, no exceptions (includes computers with built-in monitors). There is a $1.00 per diagonal inch fee per television, and we can't accept televisions bigger than about 30 diagonal inches. We charge these fees because we must pay to dispose of expired and obsolete monitors and TVs. We make sure that this equipment is disposed of in an environmentally responsible way within the United States, where environmental regulations are more stringent. Fees collected for working monitors and televisions subsidize non-working and obsolete ones.

If you will be bringing in pallet loads of equipment, please call ahead and set up an appointment. We accept the following: (Please note the fee or suggested donation)

Required Fees:

  • Monitors ($10.00 ea.)
  • Terminals ($10.00 ea.)
  • CPU/CRT combos (like older IMacs) ($10.00 ea.)
  • Televisions ($1.00 per diagonal in.)

Suggested Donations:

  • Computers ($5.00 ea.)
  • Printers ($4.00 ea.)
  • Scanners ($4.00 ea.)
  • LCD monitors ($4.00 ea.)
  • Keyboards and Mice ($1.00 ea.)
  • Networking Devices ($3.00 ea.)
  • Fax Machines ($4.00 ea.)
  • Telephones, including Cell Phones ($2.00 ea.)
  • Stereo Components ($4.00 ea.)
  • VCRs/DVD Players ($3.00 ea.)
  • Media
    • Floppy diskettes ($2.00/total donation)
    • DAT tapes ($2.00/total donation)
    • CDs ($1.00/total donation)
    • Computer cables ($1.00/donation)

This list isn't exhaustive -- we accept most electronics! If you have a piece of equipment and you're wondering whether we take it, you might want to guide yourself by the list of what we don't take below.

We DO NOT Accept:

  • Styrofoam
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Copiers
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Household Appliances (including air conditioners)
  • Batteries
  • Florescent Light Bulbs

If you'd like to recycle one of the above items, visit Metro's website to find a drop-off facility near you.

Preparing your donation for drop-off:

Please bring as little packaging and boxes as possible. Please recycle the boxes for your equipment through your curb-side recycling program. We do not accept Styrofoam.

Recycling software and manuals:

We accept all software, manuals, and cables for donation. While we can't promise we'll use them all, we do recycle them responsibly if we make use of them.

Extra Credit:

Recycling computers is labor intensive. Doing any of the following to prepare your equipment for donation will help us speed the processing and recycling of your equipment.

  1. Untangle all cords and cables. Coil them up with a rubber band or twist tie.
  2. Attach power adapters (AC adaptors, transformers) to their associated equipment (such as powered speakers, printers or routers) as best you can.

Specific Computer Equipment Needs:

  • Computers 1.5 Ghz and up
  • Memory (DDR and RAMBUS)
  • Hard drives (30 GB and larger)
  • Wireless cards for laptops and desktops
  • long runs of CAT5 network cable
  • Inkjet cartridges

Our wishlist:

  • Phillips head screwdrivers
  • Wire cutters and cable cutters
  • Stardrivers (Torx) size T20 and smaller
  • Nutdrivers
  • Powerdrivers w/rechargers
  • Multi-testers
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Cleaning supplies (especially dish soap, sponges, trash bags and ecofriendly cleaning products like Simple Green)
  • First aid supplies (bandages!)
  • Rubber bands
  • Printer paper (8.5"x11", suitable for laser printers)
  • Toilet paper
  • Food (snacks, juice, chocolate)
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Tape (packing, masking, duct)
  • Shop carts