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For large donations from business and organizations, see Invoicing Donors

Money at the front desk comes from three sources: the required $10 monitor fee, the suggested donation per item, and voluntary donations. Follow steps below in creating a donation receipt:

  • Use donation screen for input.
  • Ask if the donor would like a receipt. If they don't, take their zip code and accept any fees or monetary donations.
  • If they do want a receipt, type their name in the search box. If they have never been to Free Geek before fill out their name, address, and zip code.
  • Fill in the gizmo type and quantity, tell the required and suggested amount to the donor, and enter in the amount agreed to.
  • When donation is complete, check to make sure the proper amount is recorded in the separate non-tax deductible (monitors) and the tax deductible spaces.
  • Click "create" to print.
  • If you make a mistake on a receipt you can go back and edit the receipt by finding the transaction at the bottom of the donations page. Remember to get the incorrect receipt back so that the donor doesn't file their taxes with it.