Donor Desk Orientation

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This form should be printed out, completed, and kept in the new intern's file.

Donor Desk Checklist

When new Front Desk Intern is accepted into the Free Geek Internship program, several training modules need to be covered. It's the area coordinator's job to make certain new interns are trained. Some of the training can be done by other Free Geek employees or interns, but it's the area coordinator's responsibility to make certain that it gets done and that a complete hard copy of this document exists in the new intern's file.

New Front Desk Intern's Name: _______________________________
Area Coordinator / Supervisor's Name: _______________________________

Donor Desk Training Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Review donor desk layout
Volunteer at least one shift in Receiving, if possible
Understanding the income stream at the Donor Desk and how that applies to Free Geek's budget and operations
How to ask for donations
Daily Checklist: Donor Desk Checklist
Disbursement data entry
Reviewing and filing Volunteer Applications
Restocking 4 bathrooms: toilet paper, paper towels & hand soap
Restocking 2 kitchens: sponge, dish soap and paper towels
Printing & restocking handouts & forms on Dead trees
Processing credit cards
Processing Monetary Donations - donations without gizmos
How to create an invoice
Checking the checks
Processing tech support payments
Review procedure for taking items for tech support during the hours it is closed
How to fill out an IOU
Answering Questions about Data Security
Understanding Ewaste Legislation Scenarios and knowing Ewaste Training
Processing tally sheets and taking donations
Data entry: understanding "covered: yes, no, unknown" in the database