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Earlybirds: This policy explains who is allowed to be in Free Geek before opening hours.
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This policy was adopted by the Staff Collective on April 13, 2007

Volunteers who are not keyholders but are authorized to be in Free Geek without staff supervision before opening hours are called "earlybirds".

How to get on this list

This is a list of certified Free Geek earlybirds. Core volunteers that need to be inside the building before opening can request to be added to this list by sending a message to staff@freegeek.org and indicating why they need morning access. The collective will discuss the matter at their next possible meeting. The staff can revoke also this privilege at a staff meeting.

List of Earlybirds:

approved at Staff Meeting on April 13, 2007

  • Maurice Pellett
  • Kerm Jensen
  • Jim Cox
  • Mark from Advanced Testing
  • Bob Griggs
  • Any official build instructor