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This page left for historical purposes. -- Mkille 21:13, 10 May 2013 (UTC)

The proposed content of an Education Program at Free Geek has changed over the past few years. Most debate has arisen around how much time the program, and its Coordinator, should dedicate to

  • improving the curricula of our existing programs, using our hands-on style to teach volunteers, or
  • create new, more formal classes.

While the Program Planning Sheet below focuses on formal classes, the Council later decided, at the May, 2007 Council meeting that the Coordinator (and the Program) should focus on the existing curriculum, and add classes as necessary. Shawn

Program Basics
  • Program Name: Education Program
  • Program Description:
The Education Program is an integral aspect of Free Geek's mission to provide practical educational opportunities as part of volunteer service. Essentially, the Education Program will evaluate, implement, and oversee other programs at Free Geek to maximize their educational components while engaging volunteers in creative ways.
  • What best describes this program? The Program is expected to do all three of these things in this order
    1. Administrative (expected to support other programs that generate income and/or meet program needs)
      Production could concentrate more on production (i.e. more bulk sales, advanced testing stuff, etc.) and this will result in increased income AND increased reuse
    2. Meets program needs (expected to cost more money than it makes)
      This is the epitome of mission related
    3. income generating (expected to make money for Free Geek)
      By charging a fee for educational classes
  • Why does Free Geek need this program?
FG has educational programs already (such as Build) but we need a wider breadth and depth of real-world educational opportunities. Community members should be able to take from FG knowledge that could benefit them in a job-training sort of way (i.e. Enterprise Build, more advanced command line classes, structured internships, etc.). It is absolutely integral to FG's mission to actually have effective, organized and supervised educational opportunities. There is already a list of classes on the Main Page that we should have but don't. Free Geek staff also needs to keep up their own training needs, for example forklift operation.

Job Position Basics

  • Would there be a dedicated staff position associated with this program? YES
  • Position Title: Education Coordinator
  • Job Description:
The Education Coordinator will facilitate the ongoing education of Free Geek volunteers and staff. This will be done by setting up education tracks and course outlines, with the help of teachers. The Coordinator will develop and implement avenues for volunteer leadership, increase of adoption classes, and fine-tuning the educational atmosphere and structure of FG

Costs and potential costs

  • What are the expected financial staffing costs of the program? (Include all costs to the organization such as salary, payroll taxes, and benefits.)
One full-time Collective Member (Education Coordinator)
  • What other costs are associated with the program? (Include costs of materials needed, etc.)
Most materials would be those already available: computers, printing, etc. It might necessitate more printing eventually. The classroom space would have to be usable and available.
  • If there will be a dedicated staff position, how much time would be needed for training?
A few weeks?
    • How much time would existing staff need to put in?
    • How time would existing volunteers need to put in?
Steady or increase. But note that "self-sustaining program" in this context seems to imply an increase of potential volunteer interest any and all other of Free Geek's programs, hence possibly initially increasing but then relatively decreasing in relation to a larger volunteer pool. (Neglecting space usage limitations.)
  • Once the program is up and running how many staff how many hours per week would it take?
    • In paid staff time? 35 hours a week
    • In volunteer time? 50 hours a week (or more or less, depending on volunteer interest)


  • Outline the intangible costs for the position and program:
This program would utilize the systems and software currently running at Free Geek. System administration may be more of a concern. The classroom space might be less available for social or flex activities, although it's also posssible that a re-organization would increase space usability. This program will probably not make enough money to pay for itself very quickly, if at all.
  • Are there any possible negative impacts on Free Geek's mission, and if so what?
This program/position would not make money quickly, and is unlikely to make more money than it costs.
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions currently in effect?
This program would relieve current staff of the task of setting up classes. It could lighten the load on tech support and provide feedback about the quality of the freekboxes and their fitness for the needs of the adopters. The connections reinforced in the class could lead to more returning volunteers. The education coordinator could help make the build program more educational.
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions being considered?
More education = more empowerment. The program would coordinate the further education of staff and volunteers. This would require a full-time staff person with dedicated admin/office space and time. This program will probably not pay for itself, which would inhibit other projects from being funded.


  • Would the program generate income? YES / NO
    • If yes, how much income would be expected once the program is up and running? this depends on how many classes were offered
    • If yes, how long would it take for the program to get to that point? 6 months?
  • How does the program support the mission of Free Geek?
Education is part of the mission of Free Geek.

Measuring Success

  • How can the success of the program be measured?
Freeekbox adoption classes are running regularly, with satisfied teachers and students. The curriculum changes as necessary to remain up-to-date, and covers materials that make the students more self-sufficient. Additional classes are offered to help students move beyond basic knowledge, to provide job-related skills, and to supplement the build curriculum.
  • For most income generating positions, the costs initially outweigh the benefits. If this is an income generating program, how long until it is expected to break even?: never, it's likely
  • Outline a plan for implementing the program:
Hire the Coordinator!